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“There is something you need to hear ….”

---Robert Macfarlane 《Underland》

Wutopia Lab 把光明食品(集团)下属东滩源前哨农场中废弃的水泵房改建成Shrine of Everyman。

Wutopia Lab converted the abandoned pump house at the Dongtanyuan’s Qian Shao Farm of Bright Food (Group) into Shrine of Everyman.


The client wanted to take advantage of the excellent view of the pump house on the river to transform what was once a farm infrastructure, but is now abandoned, into a rest stop for visitors. However, I did not want to turn the pump house into a structure that the architects manipulated for form but had no connection with the users and the local area.

中国传统文化中有个重要魅力就是通过构筑共同记忆可以把日常地点升格成神圣空间。我想到了巧克力。在物质匮乏年代被上海食品行业(包括光明食品(集团)的前身)重新发明的牛奶巧克力是那个时期中国人的恩物,也曾经是上海人饮食记忆不可或缺的组成部分。我决定用牛奶巧克力作为水泵房的主题来唤醒因为物质极大丰富而被暂时遗忘的关于普通人苦中作乐但依然热爱生活的记忆,从而把一个废弃设施变成一个普通人的神圣空间-Shrine of Everyman。

One of the key charms of traditional Chinese culture is that everyday places can be elevated into sacred spaces through the construction of shared memories. That’s when the chocolate came to my mind. Milk chocolate, reinvented by Shanghai's food industry (including the predecessor of Bright Food (Group)) during a time of material scarcity, was a boon to the Chinese people of that period and was once an integral part of Shanghai's culinary memory. I decided to use milk chocolate as the theme of the pump room to awaken the memories of ordinary people who were temporarily forgotten because of the great material abundance, while still enjoying life, thus turning an abandoned facility into a sacred space for ordinary people - Shrine of Everyman.


I designed a brown semi-circular pool suspended above the river as a base to separate the pump house from the surrounding daily landscape, which symbolizes chocolate. The old pump house was replaced with a new structure of 13 layers of translucent polycarbonate panels standing on the water, symbolizing milk. Using my daughter's favorite motif, “cloud”, as a symbol, the layers of polycarbonate panels form jagged doorways and overlapping silhouettes to rewrite the flat experience of the landscape as well as provoke conversations and inspirations.

泵房基座从长方形的半地下室上悬挑,最大距离达到4.6m。结构工程师在靠近地下室部分采用梁悬挑,到了水池边2.5m范围则采用薄板悬挑。这样无论从公路的角度还是从水面上看都能实现漂浮的效果而达到新泵房在视觉上突出于周围风景。水池中央的新泵房是通过水平9.6m的跨度,以钢梁最小85mm和钢柱60mm的结构尺度实现了的。再通过薄钢板屋顶的连接,定格轻盈半透明的聚碳酸酯板云门后创造了Shrine of Everyman。

The base of the pump house is cantilevered from the rectangular semi-basement to a maximum distance of 4.6 m. The structural engineers used beam overhangs near the basement and thin slab overhangs up to 2.5 m from the pool. This allows the new pump house to be visually prominent in the surrounding landscape by achieving a floating effect, both from the perspective of the road and from the water surface. The new pump house in the center of the pond is realized by a horizontal 9.6m span with a minimum structural scale of 85mm steel beams and 60mm steel columns. The Shrine of Everyman was created through the connection of thin steel-sheet-roof, framed by light and translucent polycarbonate “cloud-door”s.

正是半透明的不确定性以及隔离风景的水池营造了场所的神圣性。而进入泵房的直道通过仪式感更强化了这种神圣性。你走入Shrine of Everyman,仿佛在走入一个普通人共同记忆塑造的神殿。在里面,你可以放眼远望,看到是无数人普通人围垦出来的美丽的人间风景。要知道,日常的奇迹其实皆有普通人而为。

It is the translucent uncertainty and the pools that isolate the landscape that create the sacredness of the place. And it was reinforced by the experience of walking through the straight path into the pump room. You walk into Shrine of Everyman as if you are walking into a shrine shaped by the shared memories of ordinary people. Inside, you can look into the distance and see a beautiful earthly landscape that was reclaimed by countless ordinary people. You know that everyday miracles are actually done by ordinary people.

“ You are absolutely completely in void, like being in outer space… You get to the point where there is no God, no past, no future, just now and the next millisecond.”


                                               ---Robert Macfarlane 《Underland》







设计公司:Wutopia Lab





摄影:CreatAR Images







Project Information


Project Name: Shrine of Everyman

Design Firm: Wutopia Lab

Lead Architect: Yu Ting

Project Architect: Mu Zhilin

Design Team: Nan Xu, Kejie Mi

Construction Design Company: Shanghai Zhumeng Architecture Design Co.,Ltd

Owner: Shanghai Qian Yi Agricultural Development Co.,Ltd

Construction Company: Shanghai New Landscape Architecture Industrial Co.,Ltd

Structural Consultant: Miao Binhai

Lighting Consultant: Zhang Chenlu

Photography: CreatAR Images


Address: Chongming, Shanghai, China

Time: 2020.4~2021.10

Area: 35 square meters

Material: Sunlight panel, steel

关键词:牛奶巧克力泵房,Wutopia Lab
展会名称:阿尔法建筑大会 内容:建筑展建筑设计展 时间:2022.03.11-13