The 29th Windoor Fa?ade Expo Open Its Doors in Guangzhou

Held in Guangzhou on April 7-9, 2023, the 29th Windoor Fa?ade Expo bring together more than 700 exhibitors and brands covering 100,000 square meters of exhibition space and gather an expected 100,000 visitors. Over 1,000 kinds of new designs, new technologies, new products and new materials of the entire supply chain of window, door and fa?ade.

Business Showfloor at Windoor Facade Expo 2023
In 2023, strategic objectives of green and low-carbon, intelligent construction, urban renewal and high-quality development of the future construction industry have been clarified with the convening of the National Two Sessions. Faced with challenges in the market and revolution in the construction industry, with the theme of "Forward Together", Windoor Fa?ade Expo has strengthened development confidence of the whole construction industry, insists on promoting high-quality development of the industry with innovations, helping comprehensive upgrade in window, door and fa?ade industry.

8 Sectors Showcase Innovative Products of Window, Door and Fa?ade Industry

1.  Exhibit Sector for Awarded Products of The Polaris Award of Construction: Established in 2014, the Polaris Award focuses on cutting-edge new buildings, new designs, new products, new technologies and new tendencies in the entire construction field. The appraisal jury is comprised of authoritative representatives from all sectors of the construction industry. Only new products launched in the year will be eligible to participate. The industry experts select 47 award-winning products out of 279 entries in 2023, which is the center stage at Windoor Fa?ade Expo.

2. Exhibit Sector for Window Door System showcase all new window door products launched in 2022-2023, including soundproof window door, insulation window door, preservation window door, wind-resistant window door, bulletproof window door, anti-theft window door, screen window door, intelligent security window door, intelligent ventilation window door and intelligent auto shading window door, and many more.

3. Exhibit Sector for Fa?ade Materials: various kinds of fa?ade materials give more possibilities for building skin projects, such as UHPC, fiber cement board, architectural glass, PUR, GRC, GRP, aluminum foam, terracotta panels, enamel board, AAO, aluminum cone core hollowed plate, sintered stone, metal roofing, metal fa?ade, LED photoelectricity fa?ade, aluminum alveolus plate, BIPV, shade film, and stainless fa?ade, etc.

4. Exhibit Sector for Aluminum Profiles and Insulation Products: gather most leading brands specialized in aluminum profiles in China. Featured exhibitors include Xingfa Aluminum, JMA Aluminum Profile Factory, Weiye Group, Fenglu Aluminum, Haomei New Material and Golden Aluminum, and many more.

5. Exhibit Sector for Hardware Equipment for Window, Door and Fa?ade: showcasing intelligent and refined hardware. Leading brands include FISCHER, KINLONG, 3H, XINGSANXING COULD TECHNOLOGY, CHUNGUANG HARDWARE, etc.

6. Exhibit Sector for Window, Door and Fa?ade Equipment: provides the latest solution for upgrading traditional manufacturing industry such as squeeze, stretch straightening, perforation, incision, electric welding machine, impact drills, electric hammer, milling machine, bench-type drilling machine, applicators, stone cutting machine, bead cutter, edging machine, coating film, wrapping machine, washing, polishing, handle, corner sow, spraying equipment, etc.

7. Exhibit Sector for Structural Sealant and Adhesives: gather most leading manufacturers in China, including HANGZHOUZHIJIANG SILICONE CHEMICALS, BAIYUN CHEMICAL INDUSTRY, CHENGDU GUIBAO SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, JOINTAS CHEMICAL, and many more.

8. Exhibit Sector for Fireproof Fa?ade and Fire Resistance Materials: the grand new design of fire resistance promotes the innovation of fire safety, such as fire-resistance door, fireproof fa?ade, fire-resistance glass, fireproof glass, fire-resistance paints, fire-resistance seals, fire-resistance strips, fireproof paints, fireproof seals, fireproof strips, etc.

Concurrent Event - The Architecture & Technology Conference reveal cutting-edge topics in the construction industry

The architecture & technology conference, a concurrent event running along the expo, focuses on topics such as green and low carbon, high quality, tough design, intelligent building, technological innovation, and invites up to 200 industry experts to share new design, new technologies, new products and new materials of the construction industry around the world.

About Windoor Fa?ade Exop

Organized by Citiexpo, Windoor Fa?ade Expo, held annually in Guangzhou, focuses on launching new products, new technologies in the whole industry chain of fa?ade, is the large-scale expo covering 100,000 square meters in exhibition space where showcasing solutions of building fa?ade, and invites more than 200 industry experts comprised of real estate developers, contractors, fa?ade designers and KOLs in the fa?ade field to share hottest topics.

About Jianke Citiexpo Co., Ltd

Informa Markets (Informa Plc), the world's leading exhibitions organizer, is listed on the London Stock Exchange and organizes over 450 exhibitions every year. Jianke Citiexpo is one of its joint ventures in China and organizes Windoor Fa?ade Expo and the Architecture Technology Conference in Guangzhou annually.

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