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The Polaris Award of Construction

Polaris is currently the closest visible star to the north celestial pole. It’s a star that is constantly changing in motion, and a star with its own position. The Polaris Award represents the spirit of innovations which is as firm, persistent and eternal as Polaris.

Let Innovation Lead the Way

The Polaris Award is established in 2014 and dedicated to releasing and promoting the innovative products, new materials and cutting-edge technologies in construction industry.
A jury consists of experts from various fields of the construction industry. Only new products launched in 2023 to 2024 are eligible to submit entries.


The organizing committee helps award-winning new products to be quickly launched to the market through data-driven marketing, physical exhibition and media spread.

Award Categories

Two new awards, Innovative Brands and Architects’ Choice are added to recognize high-quality companies that have been providing innovative solutions, investing in research and development, and being recommended by architects in recent 10 years.
1. The Polaris Award of Construction (year 2023-2024)
2. Best of the Best Award (Top 10 of the year)
3. Innovative Brands (for 10th anniversary)
4. Architects’ Choice (for 10th anniversary)

Award Criteria

1. New products, new materials and new technologies are launched in 2023.
2. Utility model patent or invention patent products are preferred.
3. One company can submit no more than 3 products/projects for the award.

Product Range

Building Envelope:metal plate, aluminum foam, glass, UHPC, GRC, FRP, bamboo, wood, fiber cement siding, polycarbonate sheet, coating, terracotta brick, LED photoelectric curtain wall, door, window, thermal insulation materials, roofing system, roofing materials, etc.

Building Energy:Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), ventilation system, etc.

Building Technology:equipment, prefabricated buildings, construction robots, building automation, lighting concepts, smart communities, intelligent security system, elevators, etc.

Decoration Materials:tiles, floors, wallpapers, plaster, carpets, ceiling decorations, etc.

Judging Process

1.Initial Judging
Legit and verified documents of relevant product introduction, patent certificates, test reports and quality inspection certificates, etc. are required. The organizing committee will complete the initial judging within one week from receiving all submitted documents.

2.Shortlisting Process
The jury will review the submissions within one month and draw up a shortlist. The organizing committee will notify the participants in writing of the results and publicize a shortlist.

3.Onsite Exhibition
The winning products/projects will be displayed at the Architecture Technology sector of the Windoor Door Façade Expo for three days, which is held alongside The Architecture Technology Conference.

Busy Show Floor in 2023

4.Final Judging Finalists will deliver a speech about their most innovative and competitive products/projects and present the exhibits on the show floor. The jury will publicly select “Best of the Best” Award on the spot.

Photos at Previous Editions

Important Dates 

Entries Submission:Entries Submission
Shortlisting Process:before January 15, 2024
Award Ceremony:March 10, 2024
Onsite Exhibition:March 11 to 13, 2024
Granting “Best of the Best” Award: March 11, 2024

Criteria are as below 

Innovation:the product design, technology or application solution is innovative

Functionality:stable performance, advanced technology, reasonable function, to meet the requirements of usability, safety and later maintenance

Economic and Social Compatibility:meet the requirements of economic and social development, with the possibilities of developing production lines, plants, construction projects and marketing upstream and downstream products

Industry Leadership:futuristic product concepts that will lead product upgrade in the construction industry

Ecological Concept:in line with the requirements of sustainable development, the concepts of energy saving, environmental protection and low carbon in the whole process of production, manufacturing, circulation, use and recycling

 Entry Fees 

The Polaris Award of Construction is a public welfare award, not for profit. No entry fees are required. Winners will only pay participation fees if they choose to exhibit winning products/projects on the show floor.

Award Winners in 2023

Holon Building (No.1 Homeland)


Nano-Montmorillonite Fiber Composites (Building Envelope)

China Southwest Architectural Design and Research Institute Corp. Ltd.

The Londoner Macao

Guangzhou Style Arts Co. Ltd.

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